And the pantry

Reorganized the pantry. In the upper left I have pasta, soup, chili, refried beans, then the ten boxes of macaroni and cheese that Cassidy likes which I bought this morning (on sale, of course), then my life support system of Two-Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s. On the lower-upper left-hand shelf I have snack-type items, graham crackers, goldfish crackers, et cetera. Then some spices. Then the popcorn popper and 1.5 bottles of popcorn. In the lower area on the left I have napkins and dishtowels with powdered sugar stashed behind them, then grocery type items like canned tomatoes, then two cases of ramen noodles on the right. The next shelf down I have rice and beans on the left and dry and canned cat food on the right. The bottom shelf has the juicer and the big crock pot and four five-pound bags of sugar. Apparently sugar is going to go way up in price later in the year.

I threw out a bunch of stuff, outdated canned goods, some spices and things I never used, the last jar of those good pickle chips that Mom gave me, things like that. Feel good about reorganizing the pantry. Very satisfying.


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