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Who requested a password change?

Thanks a bunch, whoever you are.



Cleared the bathtub and bathroom sink drains. Disgusting. At least they empty now.

Had to use the water bottle on Dolly. She was chasing Gary and Trixie. Not a friendly cat so far. Jack is very nice, lots of fun.

Ordered parts to build a cheap PC to play an old game on called Freespace, supposed to be a good space combat game. Unsure if the computer can be brought up to date later on.

Kind of tired.

NPR story on France’s attack in Mali

NPR’s web site saw fit to “hold” my comment “for review”. That sounds like censorship to me, so here it is:

Here we go again. Mali is a former colony of France. Not a pretty picture, is it? And since when does Islam confer “the presence of Al-Queda”? “Al-Queda” doesn’t exist. It’s like shooting and then calling what you hit your target. Why do I listen to NPR? The propaganda drives me to distraction. Who did France murder in Mali? Just blow up some buildings or what? Why does that so remind me of Winston Churchill dropping poison gas on the indigenous people of the Mid-East. Gruesome and evil misstep by a more advanced nation. May I assume that Mali has natural resources which corporations would like to exploit? Is that the real story?

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Six Months as a Pedestrian

Visited Home Depot, Ralph’s and Sprouts. Brought home 40 pounds of groceries. A new record, I believe.

Bought a 3-way socket at Home Depot for Cassidy’s lamp.

Bought Goldfish crackers, orange juice, red bull, water chestnuts, snow peas, red leaf lettuce, bananas, bean sprouts, tomatoes, broccoli, oragne bell pepers, apples, green onions, bok choy and tofu at Ralphs.

They didn’t have the Daiya soy cheese I wanted, so I hiked further on to Sprouts.

Bought whole wheat tortillas, flour tortillas, Daiya cheddar cheese shreds, frozen raspberries and blackberries, pears, a honeydew melon, two big oranges, two potatoes and an onion there.

Drank the Red Bull and headed home again. Kind of a lot of groceries. It’s easier to walk than it was the first time I brought home 36 pounds of groceries. I was dragging that morning.

So. Food in the house. Feel good about that. Have stir fry supplies. And stuff for a salad. And some breakfast burritos. And some soy tacos. And stuff to juice and make into smoothies.

Change in diet

Went to the local health food store. Bought some new items.

Flour tortillas
Whole wheat tortillas

Almond milk
Buttery spread
Coconut milk creamer
Coconut milk yogurt
Daiya vegan shreds
Tofu (firm)

Black beans x2 cans
More Crackers

Tiny carrots
More strawberries
Red bell peppers (3 for $1, wow)
Lettuce x2
Red potatoes
White mushrooms
Yellow onions

That was about sixty dollars. Ran across a story this week about a movie called “Forks Over Knives” and a book called “The China Study” which both show that a diet without meat or dairy products is clearly more healthy.

So… no milk, cheese, eggs, meat…


Another exciting trip to the market



Chocolate Goldfish crackers

lol cheese (land O lakes)




Farmer John sausage (Cassidy request)

1.5 lbs of turkey for sandwiches

.5 lbs of corned beef for variety


Trader Joe’s:

Two dozen eggs

Two half gallons of 2% milk

Two packages of four-cheese ravioli (Cassidy likes this a lot)

Walked there, walked home. Doing laundry.

Maybe find time to plant out some of the small flowers I bought a few weeks back. Also need to clean the aquariums. Aquaria. Roast a chicken I thawed. Do some gardening, transplant the moonflower seedlings, which are huge. Feed the various seedlings. Think of what to do in the backyard and do it. Replace the lawn in one area, try growing tomatoes yet again in another area.

I’d like a place to sit in the backyard. I can see getting some lawn furniture (other than camping chairs!) for the backyard. Wait and see about that.




Feel like getting the mail.


Didn’t do much of anything over Memorial Day weekend. Made fried chicken and potato salad. Didn’t do any gardening at all. It was kind of cool out and I wasn’t interested. Cassidy helped make a huge fruit salad.

Need to enjoy a strict budget. Worried about money.

Mr. B. was yowling intermittently on Friday and he’s been under the bed since that time. Comes out to eat and be petted. I do not have vet money at this time.

No jobs on craigslist, monster, careerbuilder. Again.

Watered the tomatoes and the potatoes. Doing laundry. Did dishes. Another nine days until the last day of school.

Here we go…

Thunder and lightning last night. Woke me up. Stayed up until about 3:30. Which means I got about an hour of sleep. Plus some sleep when I slept through the boring MNF game… Titans-Jags, 30-3. Zzzz.

Got up, got cleaned up and dressed. Made coffee. Made Flynn a sandwich. And coffee. And a breakfast burrito. And gave him a ride towards school. Came back and woke Cassidy up, fed her breakfast… got her to school… went to the Post Office to mail two books and a DVD that I wrapped this morning.

Then I got a full tank of gas. I was really low. Then I went to Staples and bought notebook paper and index cards. Then I went to Trader Joe’s and bought milk, cream, Swiss cheese for sandwiches, bread, some char sui bai (steamed pork buns)… olive oil… things like that. Went to Home Depot, bough two bags of potassium chloride for the water filter, some hardware to fix the barbecue lid and four concrete blocks to raise Flynn’s desk since he has  a desk chair meant to fit under the kitchen counter, not his desk… couldn’t afford a new chair. The blocks were $0.77 apiece. So…

Looked at college tuition and housing costs and I was fucking SHOCKED. There’s a college fair tonight at a local school and I’m just dumbstruck at how much college costs. I can barely make ends meet as it is.

Money is bad and promises or threatens to get even worse. I’m out of ideas. I can’t get an interview. I signed up for eLance, an online freelance site, at two in the morning once the thunder and lightning woke me.

Cloudy, rain from time to time. Nice. Wish I had money to buy firewood. Having firewood on hand is really a good feeling.

That’s about all for now.