Whistleblower who revealed CIA torture sentenced to prison

Reveal CIA criminal activity, go to prison. The USA has fallen and cannot get up.

Gardasil Fingerprints Found in Post-Mortem Samples

I have nothing good to say about Gardasil.

Glenn Greenwald on Obama’s Permanent “War on Terror”

The “War on Terror” is far too useful to ever bring it to an end.

Top 15 Richest Members of Congress

But they can relate to you, honest.

Scientist that discovered GMO health hazards immediately fired

Don’t tell us any truths which we do not want to hear.

Israel: “It is our capital.”

Someone pointed out that this is like Canada announcing that Detroit is its capital.

Spy-State Pork Barrel Spending Out Of Control

“Through a fault in our designing, we are lost among the windings…”

Pain Relief: A War on Human Rights

Does Marijuana Have Medical Benefits or Not?

Monsanto et al are allowed to search for patentable bits while it remains a ‘Schedule One’ substance.

Why Has Obama Protected Bush43-era Torturers?

This is a very big deal.

Dershowitz and Wikileaks

Israel Destroys Palestinian Cisterns

And olive groves, and water pipes, and solar panels…

Why Americans Will Believe Anything

MMR Autism Link

An Italian court was able to make this connection. In the US you’re ridiculed for questioning the village witch doctor.


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