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Walked to the market and back. Here’s what I brought home:

  • Two packages of Goldfish crackers
    A package of Smores Goldfish
    Some tiny marshmallows
    Rosemary and garlic Triscuits
    Green peppers
    Chicken breasts (from boneless, skinless chickens)
    Hot Italian sausage (from hot Italians, one would suppose)
  • Then, from Trader Joe’s:

  • Seedless grape medley
    Half and half for Flynn’s coffee (lost my taste for it)
    Four cheese Ravioli
    Cheese Tortellini
    Half a gallon of 2% milk
    Two dozen eggs
  • Got all that put away. Need to go clean the rain gutter near the back of the house, it’s supposed to rain this weekend and it was backed up the last time it rained.
    Wrapped my ankle before walking to the market this morning. That seems to help a bit. Need to get rid of these heel cups, they hurt to walk on. Try walking without them.



    Still Thursday? The same Thursday?

    Dropped Cassidy off. Went to Home Depot. Found an 8′ x 6″ plank and had a 63″ chunk cut off one end. Or the other. That will fit on the other side of the stairs. I’ll fill in that area with bags of the same gravel. Plant a lawn (at least for the time being) from this new plank to the beginning of the tomato area.

    I am envisioning a place to sit in the tomato area. I need something to create shade. Like some kind of trellis with morning glories and moonflowers on it. Or the trumpet vine may fill it in. Something.

    Someplace to sit back there. I had thought about a lounge chair I’d seen on amazon (link) but it’s out of the question, money is super-tight.

    Worried about the credit card debt. Don’t want to sell the truck. Probably apply for an equity loan to catch up on the credit card debt. Though I’d thought about taking advantage of a low-interest auto loan and selling the truck to pay the credit card debt. Some little econobox type of car. Which wouldn’t frighten Flynn to drive… I think the truck was overwhelming to him for some reason.

    Also bought a bag of play sand to use to position more bricks around the corner of the house. With some notion of what I’d like to do with the back of the garden I have an idea of what to do to finish the bricks that make up that little pathway.

    Need to level the lawn area around the fountain. Move some earth. Excavated quite a bit when I was getting ready for the gravel. Need to find that receipt to make certain I order the same color gravel. The amount I brought home in the truck (VERY MANLY) nearly filled the area but not quite.

    No coffee, had chai this morning, Russian caravan tea yesterday morning, regular Lipton before that. Don’t spent $30 on coffee a month, whatever it is. No wine. Don’t spend 4(30)=120 on wine. No outside food. So there’s about $150. That will help.

    Avoid using the credit card to meet expenses. Disaster looms.

    The water heater, the oven… paid cash for the used refrigerator. “At least it gets cold”.


    By 6 a.m. Kid #1’s lunch was packed, breakfast for the kids was ready, the dishwasher was full and running and I was finishing my cup of tea.

    Getting up early cuts down on stress and confusion.


    My expectations for weekends are wildly unrealistic, much like when I get a seed catalog in December and choose 90% of the things in it that I’d love to plant and grow. Then reality sets in. I don’t have room for much of anything, and certainly not a hundred new, strange plants.
    I’d like to simultaneously get up early and sleep in late. I’d like to garden all day and yet stay on top of dishes and laundry and cook something special for dinner. And I’d like to vegetate all day at the same time. I’d like to go to bed early and stay up late at the same time, too. Actually eating something after gardening all day would be great. I’d like to do something with Cassidy and garden all day at the same time. Go somewhere and stay home simultaneously.
    This is Memorial Day weekend coming up. I’ll be happier if I have realistic expectations of what I can accomplish and what’s sensible to try and accomplish. I usually make fried chicken for Memorial Day, and potato salad. Cassidy is excited about this. Make the potato salad on Thursday and fried chicken on Friday. Cole slaw requires too many little bits and pieces and I do not have the extra money to buy those items.

    1. Chicken drumsticks and thighs
    2. Potatoes
    3. Eggs
    4. Green onions
    5. Mayonaisse

    Money and medical appointments

    Made appointments for the kids to get an immunization shot the school(s) require. So that’s going to run $470. Hello!
    Cassidy has dental, ortho and corneal appointments in June, also. And the cats are due to visit the vet. I do not see having any extra money for those expenses. I had been hoping that June would be a little less expensive so I could save some money. Apparently that is not to be the case.


    Back from dropping Cassidy off, mailing a movie back to Netflix at the Post Office drive-through mailboxes, buying Flynn some shoelaces @ the market along with some turkey, bread, Hello Kitty band-aids (did not resist)… some fruit juice drinks for Cassidy and some Dr. Pepper in small cans. Bought two cheap breakfast sandwiches @ McDonald’s. Bought three bags of cheap soil @ Home Depot to cover the stems of the potatoes with.

    Back home again. No job prospects. No money left this month. Seriously. Have the Visa bill to pay and the phone bill. Money is looking rather tight.

    In June I need to take the cats to the vet. And save money for Homeowner’s insurance which is due in July.

    Cassidy begins her orthodontia work in June, I believe. Has to get a tooth cleaning beforehand. Beforetooth.

    Sun is out again. I liked the overcast weather yesterday.

    Still need to build some kind of shade for the solar power inverter.

    Do what now? Empty cat boxes. Do more dishes. Do more laundry. God, I do laundry day and night, it seems like. Endless.


    Went through a box of desktop clutter. Mostly things that need to be filed. The filing cabinet is full. So I went through it all piece by piece and pretended to organize it. Put it in piles and then stacked the piles one on top of the other and then put all of the stacked piles in a brown paper bag from Trader Joe’s. You know, one of the GOOD brown paper bags, not some shoddy Stater Brothers brown paper bag… rip the first time you glare at it… as if it matters.

    Kind of overcast this morning. Need to water the tomatoes. And poke around in the yard in general. Which I did not do at all this weekend. The weekends fly by and nothing gets done. Aside from laundry, dishes and cooking.

    Put the trash out this morning. Bought some liquid soap for the kids’ bathroom and a couple of lemons on my way home from dropping Cassidy off at school.

    Ice Crusher

    Bought a used ice crusher on eBay. I love having crushed ice in the hot months. Which are May-November here, I think…

    On the square

    I bought a used refrigerator off craigslist and it’s been sitting where the tool chest is usually sitting in the dining area since the new/used refrigerator is too tall to fit in the space in the kitchen. I found some diagrams of the model on the web and I don’t think adjusting the leveling feet is going to cut it, so I found my level and discovered that, of course, the bottom of the cabinet in question is NOT true, so I measured down 15 3/8″ and drew a line which I then drilled small holes into every couple of inches. Tomorrow I’ll use the jigsaw and try and connect the dots. If I was smart, I’d remove the cabinet doors and clamp a 2×4 on there as a kind of guide so I won’t end up with a hideous freehand-looking line. Hopefully this will make enough room for the refrigerator to fit in that space in the kitchen.

    The refrigerator is missing some racks and things like that, and it has no interior lights, neither of which are impressive. OTOH it was $125, $150 delivered, and that’s the cost of a Sear’s service call before any parts or repairs. Sear’s used to be a better deal.

    The new/used refrigerator gets cold, so that’s a big plus. Perhaps I’ll think of something to do about the missing interior shelving and lights. Certainly not ordering missing parts, which cost a fucking arm and a leg. Seriously. The missing “dairy compartment” door is like $50. The whole refrigerator cost $150.

    Thursday, Friday

    Got a half-cubic yard of gravel home on Tuesday, moved some of it into the backyard Tuesday and the rest on Thursday. Need to put down a tarp or cardboard sheets before getting a load of gravel. Moved the old refrigerator out of the house to the driveway. Loaded it into the truck and delivered it to the Miramar landfill. So that’s taken care of.

    The gravel looks nice. I thought that half a cubic yard would have covered more of the area I’d prepared than it did.