Event Horizon


US flag Event Horizon 1997

This should have been the greatest movie of all time. But, no, it’s some horror/slasher movie set in space. Missed opportunity. Big-time.

Here’s how it should have been…

The ship is ready to depart. Goodbyes are said. The ship vanishes. A few days/weeks/hours later, there’s an image of a video burp on the ship’s bridges as they re-enter Earth space. The crew barfs from the nausea of space/time travel. The brilliant blue Earth slowly appears as the ship moves in to orbit. The crew cries.

They are bringing good news home — epic, unbelievably good news.

See the difference already? WHY NOT A POSITIVE PICTURE? We have enough dreamless horror. MAKE IT BETTER. Make a better world from the old one.

This movie could have been, should have been, EPIC. Life-changing, life-affirming — why not visualize a bright future? More than that — why not visualize a MIND-BLOWINGLY EPIC FUTURE which is greater and more joyful than anything ever previously imagined?


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