Cleaned the Raingutters

Yep, I did. Got out the 16′ extension ladder. Started at one corner of the roof. Got all the leaves and twigs and dirt out of the first section of raingutter. No easy way to do it. Position the ladder, haul my carcass up the ladder, take a look at the raingutter… then climb back down, get the hose with the hydraulic nozzle attached, take that back up there on top of the ladder and blast the dirt out of the gutter, make sure everything drained.

Move the ladder, do it again. And again, and again, and again. WHEW. That’s one side of the house. Then to the other side. And the other side of the garage, which I don’t think had EVER been cleaned.

Tore down the snail vine which had gotten out of control. Have to deal with that, I left it hanging there. Moved the ladder again and again and again and again and again and again, a little bit each time, scrape and scoop out the filth, then apply the hydraulic nozzle and blast it all clean. I was good and tired when I finished.

Crawled inside, took a second bath, this one good and hot, and I actually lay down and rested in the water. After I got out and was at the computer and then tried to get up I realized how sore I am.

Did a good job, though. Got the raingutters cleaned. Easier to do on a sunny day than on a rainy day when one of them is clogged!!!

Good work. Yay, me.


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