British flag Gorgo 1961

Pretty bad Gojira reworking. Couple of salvage divers are caught in a storm which deposits them on an island off the Irish coast where they find Gorgo. What to do? Exhibit it in London, of course! Which is what they do.

Unfortunately, Gorgo is just a baby and his mother comes to find him and is she ever pissed. Oh, my. Destruction ensues.

This is a monster movie, but it’s a real borderline entry. There’s an annoying kid in this movie, which precedes Gamera by about five years. The Gamera films suffering from a string of annoying kids being in them.

Again, for completists only. Not a great film.

I broke a wooden toothpick in half and used the pieces to prop my eyelids open in order to watch this movie from end to end. It’s not THAT bad, but it is one of those movies which you’ll wish you had the chance to re-edit, if not re-shoot a few scenes out of.

There are a number of opportunities (missed opportunities) to build suspense. An easy way to have done this would have been to NOT succumb to the temptation to show the large mother Gorgo, glowing eyes and all. Rent a fog machine. Don’t give away all of your secrets.

Even when it’s clear that the mother Gorgo is headed to rescue its ugly little baby, no one in the British military has the wherewithal to suggest moving the little monster closer to its mother. I do enjoy seeing the special effects of world armies being defeated without end when battling giant monsters. Seeing civilians suffer and die, not so much.

The protagonists, both played by good actors from the era, come across as greedy and shallow-minded. The kid actor actually grew on me. At least there was some humanity in the film — the kid is concerned about the monster and knows that the men are making a mistake by taking it to London. The subplot with a greedy harbormaster and his Viking gold is not very appealing. Life is worth much more than gold.

Overall? You could do worse, it’s somewhat entertaining. But you will think of ways to improve the film. Which is different than sitting back and thinking “Wow, what a great story that was.” My favorite films entertain me, not make me want to fix them.


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