July 15, 1997: Guerrero Negro

Morning in Baja Other VW buses reflected in one of my hubcaps the morning after the highway breakdown.

Camped here the previous night, watched bats fly into the very tall antenna Robert Hoover had on his bus. Tuned Brian’s bus, drank beer, watched out for the blister wasps. Retired to my bus, read QWK packets of e-mail, smashed bugs that got through the screens.

Towing Brian's bus

From here we drove south. Very hot. Very desolate. Eventually it was determined that Robert the Younger would tow Brian’s wayward VW bus using a spare tire as a buffer since we had no tow chain/rope.

Traveling the Transpeninsular Highway in Baja California Norte

Great shot. We’re spread out and communicating via CB radio. Heading towards a junction with a large gas station and maybe a mechanic. And a junkyard. Not a lot of company in July in Baja.

The Abandoned Gas Station
No one home, but those overhead slabs did produce some deep shade. Which you learn to appreciate in a hot environment.

Guerrero Negro

Doing some banking.

Campground in Guerrero Negro

It being July, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Took a shower. One of the all-time great showers. It felt so good to get cleaned up. Nice little town.

Campground in Guerrero Negro


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