These mystics can be terribly convincing

Horror Express

Spain British flag Horror Express 1972

An obscure delight. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing star in this film, so how bad can it be?

The following report to the Royal Geological Society by the undersigned Alexander Saxton is a true and faithful account of the events that befell the society’s expedition in Manchuria. As the leader of the expedition, I must accept the responsibility for its ending in disaster. But I will leave, to the judgement to the honorable members, the decision as to where the blame for the catastrophe lies…

I’d never heard of it. Saw it on television one night in the early-mid 90s near Halloween. Great stuff!!! A fossil is discovered on an archeological expedition to a remote area of China in the early 1900s. Unfortunately for the passengers and crew of the train it’s being transported on, it returns to life and commences to consume people’s memories. The fossil turns out to be a space creature trapped on this planet. It can move from body to body.

Overall an excellent if somewhat B-grade production. Setting the story on the moving train is smart. Telly Savalas as some kind of off-the-wall Russian soldier doesn’t add much to the story. Some genuinely creepy scenes, especially from the disturbing Russian monk.

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing are typically perfect. Very entertaining movie. Great for Halloween!


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