Godzilla Raids Again

Godzilla Raids Again

Japan Gigantis, The Fire Monster 1955

AKA Godzilla Raids Again. I’d seen only a portion of this film when I was a kid and always remembered it. In 1992 I found it on videotape and was thrilled, really pleased. Later on I found it in Japanese. The movie makes more sense in Japanese.

Two pilots working for a fishery discover Gigantis (Godzilla) battling Anguirus, a spiky dinosaur on a small island one of the pilots has crash-landed on. The same pudgy-happy-clown pilot ends up crashing his plane into a glacier to try and bury Gigantis in ice. Very Japanese, that sacrifice.

The movie drags and doesn’t make complete sense in English or via subtitles. The party scene is somewhat baffling. Overall, it’s a treasure — take it at face value, it’s the second Toho Studios monster movie. I searched for it for years. I’m not about to say much of anything negative about it here. Buy it, watch it, love it. Weird, gloriously weird, entertainment. Makes me glad I’m alive.


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