“It’s in the trees! It’s coming!!”

Night of the Demon

British flag Night of the Demon 1957

Typically excellent British science fiction / horror movie with Dana Andrews as the earnest American psychologist and Niall MacGinnis as Karswell, the leader of some kind of devil worship cult that Dana Andrews intends to expose.

Beautifully shot and very well acted. Some real suspense. I feel it was a mistake to depict the demon (apparently this was a point of contention during the shooting of the movie), you can tell a better story without being so explicit AND the special effects of the day were not entirely convincing. There are some original and clever special effects, but the puppet of the ferocious demon is not among them.

This movie was slightly edited and released in the US as “Curse of the Demon” — why would anyone want to see an edited version when you can watch the intact original?

An excellent film. Highly recommended.


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