Destroy All Monsters

Destroy All Monsters

 Japan Destroy All Monsters (怪獣総進撃) 1968

Marvelous, weird kaiju film — set in 1999, the narrator explains that all the world’s monsters have been gathered on Monster Island (WHAT A CLEVER NAME) where they are contained and observed. There’s an underground base where the scientists monitor the monsters.

Suddenly, an alien race attacks and takes over control of the monsters, as well as the minds of the personnel at the base. A cumbersome-looking spaceship is dispatched from the Moon to investigate. Eventually the “Kilaaks” introduce themselves and present their demands, basically a place to live on Earth. By this time, the monsters, under Kilaak control, have decimated most of the world’s major cities, so the aliens don’t get much of a hearing.

A Media Blasters DVD was released (at long last) in November of 2011 with the original Japanese version. It sold out quickly. It’s a pleasure to be able to see these wonderful old movies in their original versions as opposed to the usually-sucky Engrish dub versions.

There are several excellent shots in this movie, very effective. One in particular features the human female lead in front of what I assume is a Japanese castle. She pauses and looks quietly pleased with herself. Very nicely done! Compared to many of the monster movies I cherish, this one is actually fairly well put together.

There’s a climactic battle with all of Earth’s monsters battling Ghidorah and finally a scene with spaceship battling the Kilaak flying saucer. Don’t expect a great film, but enjoy this movie for what it is. What it is is a lot of fun.


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