A bird as big as a Battleship!

The Giant Claw

US flag The Giant Claw 1957

Shockingly bad. Dreadful acting, way over the top. Unlikeable characters. Cloying, smarmy dialog. Stupid plot. Very little to recommend this movie.

The worst part is the awful monster. Who made this? It’s so bad that you have to ask yourself that. This is the best they could do?

Anyway. Eager scientist, magic death ray gun, last minute victory, et cetera. The usual. Not fun. The only character I like is the Canadian rancher who rescues our heroes once the monster knocks their plane out of the sky. Bad writing, bad acting, bad special effects. This movie is worse than “The Deadly Mantis”. They’re both giant bug(bird) movies, but they’re both a bit flawed.

Special mention ought to be made of Mara Corday’s most impressive set of mammary glands.


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