When I checked my balance online…

I got a surprise. A couple hundred dollars left on hand. Youch. Time to stop spending money.

Making spaghetti sauce to make lasagna with.

Worked on the WordPress movie page some more. Satisfied with it. I love my old science fiction movies.

I don’t have any other backup money. We (I) spent the lump sum of money that the kids received when Diane’s disability benefit for the kids was approved.

No backup. No backup funds. Rather real and raw.

Once the Wells Fargo Visa account is paid off… and the Citibank account I moved some of the Wells Fargo debt to under a balance transfer deal… maybe I can afford health insurance. I big missing piece of everyday life, I gather.

I need to pay off the credit card debt. I don’t enjoy spending $$$ on debt each month.

I need to collect the aluminum cans from the garage and cash those in. Don’t laugh out loud, it’s a revenue stream, however small.

Two bottles of Two-Buck Chuck remaining. Was cutting that out entirely. It crept back in. Something that I seriously enjoy.

That and football. And cooking. And the cats.

No jobs to speak of on Craigslist or Monster again. Which is not a surprise. I have never seen a job market as bad as this one.

I may as well start a small business, something, anything. Try and scratch something up.

Sell the meat grinder I’d bought to make raw cat food. Sell two of the Apple iPod boom boxes. Neither Flynn nor Cassidy seemed impressed with them.

That would be about $1000, helpful to buy Christmas gifts. Buy a Christmas tree. Things like that.

I requested an Epson printer from Amazon as part of the Vine program. A wireless printer. That will be nice. No more unplugging and moving the small Epson printer.

Flynn is 18. So that’s a finish line we’ve crossed. Feel pretty good about that.

Cassidy has another four and three-quarters years to go until she’s 18.

Then what? See where she goes to college. Hopefully with a full scholarship.

Money is rather thin. At least news from Linda sounds as though a five-year lease will be signed on the buildings. Wait to hear about that.

Without that income? I don’t want to think about it. Single parent, no job… no backup. Not a pretty picture. Try not to think about it too much.

I have lawn seed to re-plant the lawn. Have to clean that space up and level it.

I’d like to clean the garage. It’s really cluttered. Moved clutter from inside out to the garage YET AGAIN. Try to avoid moving the clutter from the garage back in the house!


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