“That’s no bomb! Whatever is it?!”

Five Million Years to Earth

British flag Five Million Years to Earth 1967

Mind-blowingly great movie, the first I’d heard of Professor Bernard Quatermass. I saw this movie in 1973 on CBS television one Sunday night when my family had gone to bed. Late summer. Amazing sweep! And good science fiction produced after 1960! I was impressed!

An extension to the London Underground is interrupted when human fossils are discovered. Further excavation reveals an unexploded German buzz-bomb type weapon also buried in the mud. Soon we have Quatermass, Dr. Rooney, and the idiot military guy interacting, along with the very gorgeous Barbara Shelley as Dr. Rooney’s assistant.

The film is interesting, but near the end it becomes apparent what the buried object actually is: a kind of transmitter which summons long-buried alien essences in humans! The Martians have invaded Earth by proxy. Brilliant, BIG idea which is well-told here. I don’t want to give away the ending, but trust me, you will not be disappointed.

Other Dr. Quatermass films:

The Creeping Unknown (aka The Quatermass Experiment)
Quatermass 2
Five Million Years to Earth (aka Quatermass and the Pit)

All three were British television productions before being made into films.

VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! British science fiction is smart, reserved and effective. This is a prime example!


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