The Crawling Eye

British flag The Crawling Eye 1958

Brilliant science fiction movie with Forrest Tucker and the adorable Janet Munro. The story opens with Forrest Tucker’s character traveling by train. He meets the Pilgrim sisters, Ann and Sarah. Sarah displays an unusual reaction when she sees the mountains. She insists on getting off at the next stop, which is Trollenberg. Mr. Brooks (Forrest Tucker) is heading there, too.

The story develops that Mr. Brooks had encountered a similar situation in South America — a cloud which did not move, a woman with an unusual sensitivity to the supposed aliens… it’s a real delight, yet another brilliant British science fiction masterpiece. I don’t want to give too much away, but with a title like “The Crawling Eye” you can guess what’s ahead, right?

The movie unfolds in a delectable manner. Eventually our heroes take refuge at the mountaintop observatory against the onslaught of the monsters. Clever, scary, original — great fun! 100% recommended!


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