“Keep looking. Keep watching the skies”

The Thing From Another World

US flag The Thing From Another World 1951

Outstanding Howard Hawks version. Excellent characterizations, acting and dialog. Moves along at a good clip. Excellent special effects for its era.

We’re introduced to Ned Scott, a newspaperman, who’s looking for a story at an Air Force base in Alaska. He meets up with the other protagonists who are then called away to a remote scientific outpost near the North Pole. The story develops beautifully. The assembled team discovers a UFO buried in the ice — the image above shows them fanning out, trying to figure out how big it is.

Look at the scene. There’s just a stabilizer fin stuck in the ice and some men in a circle. But it’s enough to suggest a UFO buried under the ice, yes? Great cinema. Telling a good story with virtually nothing.

If you can overlook the alien they discover in a block of ice somehow thawing out with only an electric blanket… well, let’s not dwell on that.

There’s a wonderfully wormy scientist, Dr. Carrington, who insists on examining the creature, the Thing. The romance between Dr. Carrington’s assistant and the male lead is delicious. Terrific dialog. This is one of the movies I show to people who have never watched science fiction.

It’s a great story with some genuine suspense. In the end, Earth triumphs. All is well. Keep watching the skies!


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