“Nine killed you! Nine shall die!”

Dr. Anton Phibes at his home in London, England

US flag  The Abominable Dr. Phibes 1971

This is a gleeful masterpiece. I presume this was written with Vincent Price in mind. Brilliantly directed and shot with genuinely great performances throughout, this is a treasure — twisted and grotesque while remaining entertaining and witty.

Vincent Price is perfect as Dr. Anton Phibes, legendary concert organist who exacts revenge on a team of surgeons who failed to save the life of his beloved Victoria some years before, his vengeance following “the classic death pattern” of the Curse of the Pharohs. Detective Inspector Trout from Scotland Yard determines that there is a pattern in the odd murders of physicians he’s been investigating.

The masterful way the story unfolds versus having every little detail explained in excruciating detail make this film the wonder that it is. Effortless but thorough. Completely unique and entertaining. This is a real favorite.


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