Mass destruction on an apocalyptic scale!

Crack in the World

US flag Crack in the World 1965

Epic science fiction movie. Dana Andrews as the quintessential modern mad scientist employs a nuclear warhead (delivered via missile, fired downwards) to bore through the Earth’s crust and bring liquid magma to the surface to provide unlimited energy to mankind.

Thing go wrong, of course. This movie is expansive, it’s a big story and it’s well-told. A crack? In the world?! The end of the world is predicted if the crack cannot be stopped!

Stirring music, great performances, amazing cinematography — it’s a real spectacle. One of my favorite shots is looking up from inside a volcano, you can see the scientists about to be lowered into the volcano wearing silver spacesuits with oxygen tanks, above them the apparatus to lower them, and above that a helicopter hovers overhead. Terrific shot.

The health of Dana Andrews’ character deteriorates during the movie, which is often poignant since his project has resulted in disaster. Dana Andrews is magnificent in this movie.

Really entertaining and original. Highly recommended.


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