Gorath (妖星ゴラス)


Japan Gorath 1962

Peculiar and obscure film centered on the threat of a small-but-heavy asteroid heading right for Earth. What to do? BUILD ROCKET MOTORS AT THE SOUTH POLE AND MOVE THE EARTH OUT OF THE WAY! Of course! What could go wrong?

I enjoy this movie because it’s so weird. There’s a bizarre scene a third of the way into the movie where a group of potential astronauts steal their commander’s helicopter, fly it to Tokyo and politely confront their commander’s boss — maybe it makes sense if you can speak Japanese.

As always, try and find a Japanese language version and a letterbox or widescreen version. Just not a pan-and-scan version poorly dubbed in Engrish…

Another oddity in Gorath is a giant walrus which interferes with the rocket engine construction. I don’t know who thought that up or how it seemed like a good idea, but it’s in there.

Overall a weird little minor treasure for the hard-core science fiction movie fan…


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