Battle in Outer Space (宇宙大戦争)

Battle in Outer Space

Japan The Battle in Outer Space (宇宙大戦争) 1959

A real treasure: MAJOR space hardware, attacking UFOs, moon tanks, et cetera. Wow. Surprisingly difficult to find, this was finally officially released in North America in 2010 in a three-movie pack along with Mothra and The H-Man.

As always, find a Japanese language version and a letterbox or widescreen presentation. This movie is beautifully shot, takes advantage of the full width of the screen over and over. This has to be the best hardware-laden science fiction movie until Star Wars.

The story begins with an attack from an unknown alien race on a very pagoda-looking space station. The next thing you know, Earth has joined together to battle these invaders, building space fighters equipped with powerful laser beams following an investigative trip to the Moon to check out the enemy base there. Then there’s the final battle for the Earth. Wow! This is a real favorite. Great fun!


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