Noon Thursday

A bit cloudy out, which is welcome. It was supposed to be 100 degrees here today. Again. Some rain last week but then it got hot again.

Pried Cassidy out of bed, got her to school, went to the market and bought some groceries. That is the most exciting thing I do these days.

Remembered that today was a likely day for the Amazon Vine newsletter. Sure enough, it was today. Requested an Epson printer. Rather excited about that. A wireless printer. So no more unplugging and plugging in the existing Epson printer. And $0 is a better price than $149.

I’m happy that it’s overcast. I feel better. With some cloud cover. Go figure.

Football game on tonight. That’s a good thing. That’s about as happy as I get: I don’t care if I fall asleep watching an NFL game on the couch. I’m caught up enough to sit and watch the game, I have some food, I’m comfortable… all I need is a Mr. B grade cat to sit on the couch with me. I have Trixie and Gray. Neither one is much for sitting on the couch with me. Somewhat disappointing. I’d like to get a third cat on the chance it will sit on the couch with me.

Mr. B. used to not only sit on the couch with me, he’d sleep on my stomach with his nose tucked underneath my chin. Best cat ever. Best friend I ever had.

Figure out a bit more about WordPress. Convo-fucking-luted. I think I’d be better off cobbling together my own HTML site.



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