Odd: Joseph Moshe, August 13, 2009, Los Angeles

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Joseph Moshe August 13 2009Joseph Moshe, Thursday, August 13th, 2009
The (barely) reported story was that Mr. Moshe had phoned 911 and threatened to kill the President. That was enough for him to find his car blocked by an armored personnel carrier and half the cops in LA — oddly, none of whom had any markings on their uniforms. Hmm. He sat in his car smoking cigarette after cigarette while the LAPD (or whomever they were) sprayed him with pepper spray. They finally employed a cattle prod (“Taser”) on him and arrested him.

The news media (this was live on television, btw) dropped the story at once. Nothing more was ever heard of Mr. Moshe. Very suspicious.

The story I heard was that he had called in to a radio show discussing a new bioweapon designed for population reduction — that’s you and me, not any 1%ers — and that the sudden mysterious illness in the Ukraine in August of 2009 was a test run. Apparently he was on his way to the Israeli Embassy to seek shelter.

It’s a darned interesting story and there is very little of substance on the web about it. The LA Times has one photo of Mr. Moshe and NO ARCHIVED STORIES WHATSOEVER. How likely does that seem to you? Isn’t that like the BBC claiming that they had lost all their video from 9/11/01. Which they did claim.

An odd story.


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