Tuesday. Feels like a Monday.

microscopic view of microchip deposition with artificial color
Enjoyed a learning experience losing a WordPress post. It just wandered out to pasture. Leaving no trace.

Ah well.

Cassidy had yesterday off, so today feels like a Monday. Got her up and clean and fed and deposited at school. Went to Sprouts for protein powder, Ralph’s for raisin bread, regular bread (had a coupon) and cream cheese. Went to Trader Joe’s for milk, eggs, an orange bell pepper and some cat food.

bottle of soapThen I went to the OTHER Sprouts for some Dr. Bronner’s soap. Cassidy had mentioned that the little bathroom was out of soap.

Back home. Put everything away. Got some ice water.

Melons outside of Trader Joe’s. Amazing colors and patterns.

Why has Flynn not wanted to return to the DMV and attempt to pass his learner’s permit test? I couldn’t wait to learn how to drive. Could. Not. Wait.


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