Tuesday Afternoon (not a Moody Blues reference)

More laundry. More dishes. Baked a cake. Butter was a bit warm but it seems to be ok. Butter is supposed to be about 65F. An interesting factoid. And a useful one. I remember baking a cake on a warm day and it failed. I was baffled. Warm butter = culprit.

I’ve had a couple of bottles of wine on hand for a few days, now. Ended up with a headache on Friday, didn’t drink any wine Saturday, Sunday… then Monday? Three days? Straight? Didn’t seem appealing.

Cassidy is home with some friends. They sound happy. I’d bought a watermelon this morning and I used the little disher tool to make melon balls (about 75 of them) for Cassidy and her friends to eat.

Cake looks a bit off. Still cake, however. I was thinking about making some chocolate mousse (surprisingly easy, it turns out) and using that to frost/ice the cake.


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