Tuesday market expedition

Leased a 2012 Toyota Corolla last Monday. Here are the trips I’ve taken in it so far:

  1. Drove it home from the dealership
  2. Took Cassidy to buy school supplies and pick up some Chinese food
  3. Took Cassidy to school, then a trip to Trader Joe’s for wine, milk and eggs
  4. Went to Sprouts for a couple of lemons and some muffins for Cassidy
  5. Took Cassidy to CVS for a composition book, then to school
  6. Went to Albertson’s

At Albertson’s I bought turkey and cheese for sandwiches, bread, a watermelon, some cilantro, an onion, some potatoes to try making fries again, some ground beef to make cheeseburgers, some cat food since I’m out of canned cat food… big tortillas, small tortillas…

Then I got two Breakfast Jack sandwiches each for Flynn and myself. Yum. Cloudy and muggy out, another hot day ahead.

No football tonight. Games are televised Wednesday and Thursday, then nothing until next Wednesday, the 5th, when the NFL season begins. That’s also the night Cassidy’s school has its open house. Not too thrilled about that.

So. Got out of the house. Went to the market.

Had made Cassidy breakfast this morning which she promptly barfed into the sink. Lovely. Made her a BLT this morning. Cassidy is always hard to wake up. She stays up too late and is a slug in the mornings.

A geometry set ought to be delivered for Cassidy today. A compass, protractor, et cetera.

Waiting for two DVDs I’d ordered to arrive. Japanese, but no monsters or aliens in these movies.

That is about all. Time to put the groceries away. One of my favorite things.

Made a tomato-cucumber-onion salad last night. Delicious. The tomatoes are finally ripe. Not huge, but they look good and no insect damage.


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