Six Months as a Pedestrian

Visited Home Depot, Ralph’s and Sprouts. Brought home 40 pounds of groceries. A new record, I believe.

Bought a 3-way socket at Home Depot for Cassidy’s lamp.

Bought Goldfish crackers, orange juice, red bull, water chestnuts, snow peas, red leaf lettuce, bananas, bean sprouts, tomatoes, broccoli, oragne bell pepers, apples, green onions, bok choy and tofu at Ralphs.

They didn’t have the Daiya soy cheese I wanted, so I hiked further on to Sprouts.

Bought whole wheat tortillas, flour tortillas, Daiya cheddar cheese shreds, frozen raspberries and blackberries, pears, a honeydew melon, two big oranges, two potatoes and an onion there.

Drank the Red Bull and headed home again. Kind of a lot of groceries. It’s easier to walk than it was the first time I brought home 36 pounds of groceries. I was dragging that morning.

So. Food in the house. Feel good about that. Have stir fry supplies. And stuff for a salad. And some breakfast burritos. And some soy tacos. And stuff to juice and make into smoothies.


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