Still Thursday? The same Thursday?

Dropped Cassidy off. Went to Home Depot. Found an 8′ x 6″ plank and had a 63″ chunk cut off one end. Or the other. That will fit on the other side of the stairs. I’ll fill in that area with bags of the same gravel. Plant a lawn (at least for the time being) from this new plank to the beginning of the tomato area.

I am envisioning a place to sit in the tomato area. I need something to create shade. Like some kind of trellis with morning glories and moonflowers on it. Or the trumpet vine may fill it in. Something.

Someplace to sit back there. I had thought about a lounge chair I’d seen on amazon (link) but it’s out of the question, money is super-tight.

Worried about the credit card debt. Don’t want to sell the truck. Probably apply for an equity loan to catch up on the credit card debt. Though I’d thought about taking advantage of a low-interest auto loan and selling the truck to pay the credit card debt. Some little econobox type of car. Which wouldn’t frighten Flynn to drive… I think the truck was overwhelming to him for some reason.

Also bought a bag of play sand to use to position more bricks around the corner of the house. With some notion of what I’d like to do with the back of the garden I have an idea of what to do to finish the bricks that make up that little pathway.

Need to level the lawn area around the fountain. Move some earth. Excavated quite a bit when I was getting ready for the gravel. Need to find that receipt to make certain I order the same color gravel. The amount I brought home in the truck (VERY MANLY) nearly filled the area but not quite.

No coffee, had chai this morning, Russian caravan tea yesterday morning, regular Lipton before that. Don’t spent $30 on coffee a month, whatever it is. No wine. Don’t spend 4(30)=120 on wine. No outside food. So there’s about $150. That will help.

Avoid using the credit card to meet expenses. Disaster looms.

The water heater, the oven… paid cash for the used refrigerator. “At least it gets cold”.


One thought on “Still Thursday? The same Thursday?

  1. Mike. says:

    Who are you and why are you living my life? No, wait, I don’t have 2 kids, I have 2 aged parents which some days amounts to the same thing. Things I have learned but somehow keep forgetting:

    Washing is eternal, be it clothes, dishes, bench tops, bed sheets or just your own hide.

    Pay cash.

    Credit cards make cheap guitar picks.

    Pets, kids and cars are ungrateful money sucking leeches. So were you.

    Your lost love is now middle aged and living in Van Nuys with 3 kids, an ex-husband who never pays his support, needs thousands of dollars of dental work and a hemorrhoid operation. At least she still has her soaps.

    This. Is .It.

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