Back from dropping Cassidy off, mailing a movie back to Netflix at the Post Office drive-through mailboxes, buying Flynn some shoelaces @ the market along with some turkey, bread, Hello Kitty band-aids (did not resist)… some fruit juice drinks for Cassidy and some Dr. Pepper in small cans. Bought two cheap breakfast sandwiches @ McDonald’s. Bought three bags of cheap soil @ Home Depot to cover the stems of the potatoes with.

Back home again. No job prospects. No money left this month. Seriously. Have the Visa bill to pay and the phone bill. Money is looking rather tight.

In June I need to take the cats to the vet. And save money for Homeowner’s insurance which is due in July.

Cassidy begins her orthodontia work in June, I believe. Has to get a tooth cleaning beforehand. Beforetooth.

Sun is out again. I liked the overcast weather yesterday.

Still need to build some kind of shade for the solar power inverter.

Do what now? Empty cat boxes. Do more dishes. Do more laundry. God, I do laundry day and night, it seems like. Endless.


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