Went through a box of desktop clutter. Mostly things that need to be filed. The filing cabinet is full. So I went through it all piece by piece and pretended to organize it. Put it in piles and then stacked the piles one on top of the other and then put all of the stacked piles in a brown paper bag from Trader Joe’s. You know, one of the GOOD brown paper bags, not some shoddy Stater Brothers brown paper bag… rip the first time you glare at it… as if it matters.

Kind of overcast this morning. Need to water the tomatoes. And poke around in the yard in general. Which I did not do at all this weekend. The weekends fly by and nothing gets done. Aside from laundry, dishes and cooking.

Put the trash out this morning. Bought some liquid soap for the kids’ bathroom and a couple of lemons on my way home from dropping Cassidy off at school.


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