On the square

I bought a used refrigerator off craigslist and it’s been sitting where the tool chest is usually sitting in the dining area since the new/used refrigerator is too tall to fit in the space in the kitchen. I found some diagrams of the model on the web and I don’t think adjusting the leveling feet is going to cut it, so I found my level and discovered that, of course, the bottom of the cabinet in question is NOT true, so I measured down 15 3/8″ and drew a line which I then drilled small holes into every couple of inches. Tomorrow I’ll use the jigsaw and try and connect the dots. If I was smart, I’d remove the cabinet doors and clamp a 2×4 on there as a kind of guide so I won’t end up with a hideous freehand-looking line. Hopefully this will make enough room for the refrigerator to fit in that space in the kitchen.

The refrigerator is missing some racks and things like that, and it has no interior lights, neither of which are impressive. OTOH it was $125, $150 delivered, and that’s the cost of a Sear’s service call before any parts or repairs. Sear’s used to be a better deal.

The new/used refrigerator gets cold, so that’s a big plus. Perhaps I’ll think of something to do about the missing interior shelving and lights. Certainly not ordering missing parts, which cost a fucking arm and a leg. Seriously. The missing “dairy compartment” door is like $50. The whole refrigerator cost $150.


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