Another ordinary day

Beautiful weather, worth mentioning. Not too hot. Sunny with a breeze. Very nice.

Watered the tomatoes and the potatoes. Decided to put down some turf in the corner pocket of the yard for the hammock. I’ll pick up the first installment of the gravel tomorrow morning.

Decided against hacking away at the cabinets above the refrigerator. Although if I were to remove them altogether the worst damage ought to be that I’d have to patch that wallpaper. Where the cabinets used to be, as in paper that area after giving it a skim coat. Which, at least, I know how to do by this time.

Repositioned the 2x4s over the tub and stacked stuff up on them, plastic bins, the cases of toilet paper, the sewing machine, all the Goodwill clothes and stuff like that. My backpack. Some buckets. Have more space in the living room now.

Half the tomatoes have flowers. Looking forward to the tomatoes. The potatoes are up in front of the house. Never tried growing potatoes before.

The iceplant that I took a cutting of from in front of the elementary school is flowering and it is exactly like the iceplant with the little purple flowers that grew in front of the house I grew up in. Kind of nice to see that on a spring day.

Right now volunteer alyssum is all over the front beds, white and purple. I want to eventually get the iceplant established in that area. It ought to choke out any weeds.

Need to complete some kind of shade for the solar power inverter. Back to considering wood at this point. Fabricate nine pieces and attach those to the metal pieces I’m going to put onto the house. I had thought of vinyl fencing material or metal but wood seems the cheapest. Something that could stand being exposed to the elements, such as they are here.

I need to rearrange the dining room. Going to temporarily put the new/old refrigerator in the corner where the tool chest is now and move the tool chest into the kitchen until I can decide how to raise or remove the cabinets there to accommodate the new/old refrigerator.

When did Sear’s begin charging $140 for a service call? It used to be $70. $140 was more than the cost of the used refrigerator. Sear’s strong point was that you could get stuff serviced that you bought from them. But at $140 a call plus parts and labor that’s not much of a deal, you can obtain new or used appliances. Maybe that’s their point, maybe they couldn’t make enough money repairing things. Hmm. Kind of doubt that, though.

What else? Easter weekend. Why do I look forward to weekends? They’re more work than weekdays are.

Pay the water bill soon and the AT&T bill. Pay the mortgage. Pay Cassidy’s initial orthodontic down payment. Cassidy is going to return to the corneal specialist, though that should only be about $60.

Need to pay auto insurance in May. And pay money on the credit card.

Hopefully the truck will carry half a ton of gravel tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have the wherewithal to remove it from the truck bed and get it in the backyard somehow. How much space will it take up? I think it will more than fill the area I’ve prepared for this first installment.

One bottle of Trader Joe’s Two-Buck Chuck left. Thinking, again of not replacing it when it’s gone. Not much of a habit. I do like my cup of good coffee in the morning. Need to lose some weight. Cutting out alcohol seems obvious.


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