I was excited enough about this to post it here, too. Man, the hunter-gatherer, cashes in his store of Challenge Butter coupons and buys six months’ worth of good butter. Stores it in his handy chest freezer. $2.87 per pound. The best price I’ve ever paid was $2.50 a pound, that’s when I bought all the butter that had all the coupons which I used today.

I have a couple cases of bathroom tissue and a case of paper towels. I love having Costco-sized supplies of things on hand. Wait for the price to come down and then buy all we will use. I’d probably save much more money by buying cheap milk instead of Alta-Dena milk, which was $5.99 a gallon today. I wonder if they charge more for the Japanese nuke plant radioactivity? Added value there.

I went to K&R Rock in Poway hoping to bring home some gravel but I ended up ordering some gravel which I’ll pick up there next Tuesday.

I’d e-mailed some guy about buying his used refrigerator, since ours seems to be slowly dying. It stopped making scary noises which makes me think it’s really on the way out, now. Plus it seems to be dripped red fluid inside which I thought was melted strawberry jam the last time I scrubbed it out.

The freezer hasn’t been working in some time. I have the chest freezer, so I didn’t think much of it. Because of the dubious value of the “frost free” freezer build into the refrigerator it wasn’t great for long-term freezing of anything. But this guy had a small fridge for $125. I e-mailed some woman in Carlsbad who has a small fridge she’s parting with at the end of the month.  Maybe put one in the dining room and one in the kitchen. The kids can have the larger one for soft drinks and juice. Keep them from opening the food fridge too often.

Unsure how I’d lay that out … hmm..

Finished digging out the first area I’m going to put gravel in, right in front of the stairs. Then I’ll excavate the next section. And so on. It ought to take three stages altogether. I’ve got a tomato growing next to this first section and an empty triangular patch I thought I’d plant flowers in for decoration, look nice from the street.

I want to even the back most patch, which is bare with a couple tomatoes in it near the fountain. Wait until the gravel is done so I’ll have some place to pile up the excavated soil. Then do something with the excavated soil… smooth it out or build raised beds. Something. Maybe a patio? How civilized.

I kind of like the bare earth. Where do you even SEE bare earth any more around here?

I am excited about the gravel. The gravel I put out in front looks good. This gravel has smooth edges and is colorful but not too colorful.

Doing laundry. Cassidy has a friend coming over tomorrow (for the first time ever) so I washed her sheets and Flynn’s sheets and even my sheets and blankets. Want to change the fish’s water. Clean up in general.

Sunday I’m supposed to take Cassidy to Diane’s. Not too thrilled about that. I imagine they’ll return Cassidy stuffed with food, which kind of dismantles my notion of Easter Dinner. Not that I had anything all that amazing in mind… some ham and some scalloped potatoes. Peas.

Oh well.

Feel relaxed and happy for the first time in months. Possibly years.


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