Quiet life

I was looking at my alleged finances and have to chuckle at how simple they are. A few enormous expenses, like the mortgage payment, the AT&T bill, truck registration… and then various tiny-in-comparison expenses for food and gasoline and utilities. A subscription to Netflix, a subscription to Gamefly. Nothing much. Examining my checking account I see when I took myself out to eat the good local Indian place in December (under eight dollars), I see the time when Cassidy and I went to Pinkberry, the expensive but tasty frozen yogurt place… ($14). We’re living pretty close to the bone, I guess, there’s not much money around.

I passed on that part-time job at the printing place. It was a solo situation. There was a lot of derelict equipment in the shop and the shop was dirty. Should I have interviewed a second time? The Chinese-speaking guy didn’t seem to understand me when I called and thanked him but I didn’t want to come in for a second interview. Now I’m second-guessing myself. Something I excel at…

And so it goes…



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