Yesterday was a school holiday. Why do I look forward to three-day weekends? Nothing much happened. Ran errands and did chores, sat on my butt watching football Saturday and Sunday. Did ironing earlier on Saturday, good for me. Cooked chicken wings on Saturday. Very tasty. Roasted a chicken yesterday and made spaghetti sauce. I had defrosted a chicken and some ground beef and some Italian sausage and I needed to make those things. It was warm yesterday.

What else? Not much. Need to ship some Levis back, too big for Cassidy. Ordered a new pair.

I don’t remember roasting the chicken yesterday. Weird.

Write down the latest receipts in a notebook. See where the money goes. Have to get back on a strict budget.

Doing laundry. Time to go check on that.

Moved first load of laundry into the dryer. Started second load of laundry. I do a lot of laundry. Ate a cup of yogurt. Bought a bunch of yogurt at the market on Friday. Spent too much money at the market last week.

Made some baked spareribs on Wednesday which were tasty. Have a pork tenderloin to make sweet and sour pork with. Bought some oyster-flavored sauce and some plum sauce, which the recipe calls for.

Still feel dehydrated. Drank too much wine and ate too little food last night.

Got up this morning, eventually. The alarm going off is like a signal to my brain to actually go to sleep. Hit the snooze key endlessly. Finally got up. Made coffee, did dishes, woke Flynn, fed Flynn, packed lunches, gave Flynn a lift partway to school. Came back home, fed Cassidy, got her out the door on time, took her to school.

Started laundry.

Applied to a couple more jobs I doubt I’ll hear back on. I’ve had ONE single interview since beginning to look for work last May. Eight months. Amazing.

Sigh. Not terribly enthused about much of anything. Christmas came and went. Football season is at its end. Two more games and then the Super Bowl, which is almost always not much of a game and waaaay overhyped.

Keep plugging along. Get the kids raised. Find a job and earn some extra money. Pay off the credit card debt. That’s really that’s on the agenda, maybe that’s all there is. Stop buying wine. If it’s not on hand, I can’t drink it. Get some exercise.

Long empty stretch from February until preseason, no football. Might as well suspend the AT&T television service, I think that’s like $60 a month. Get that switched back on in August for preseason. Cassidy will howl.

It would be nice to get rid of some clutter, of which I seem to have an abundance. And finish the household projects I seem to begin but never finish. Cannot explain that.

Start tomato seeds. Dig up the yard again for tomatoes. And lettuce. Bought some seeds which are supposed to produce HUGE tomatoes. Always wanted to grow a tomato larger than the ones Dad used to grow. No idea how he did that. He never amended his garden soil. It was like silt or dust. But he produced huge tomatoes.

What else? Work on comic strip? Illustrations? Anything? T-shirts? Some cute drawings… never seems to happen. Nothing gets done, really. I take care of the house and the kids and that seems like all I’m interested in doing.

Which might account for my boredom.

No more wine or other alcohol. Eat healthy cheap food. Get some exercise. Why does that sound like no fun? Boredom. Nothing is very interesting to me any more. I like cooking. I like going out to eat at the Indian place. Which I’ve done I think four or five times. Over two years. Sigh.

Fundamentally pretty bored. Five years and eight months until Cassidy is eighteen. Figure out how to send the kids to college. Figure out how to afford cars for the kids.

Someone came out to pronounce the solar inverter dead. A replacement for that is being shipped out from the east. The electric bill for the year ending in March is already about $600. Kind of disappointing.

Housework is boring. Everything seems boring today. Going to the market is a thrill in comparison to everything else I do, it seems like.

Keep it boring. Put in the time.

Kind of a paralyzing boredom. I feel like I’m resigned to my sentence. I hope that I live long enough to get the kids raised. So far, so good. Report cards should come home in the immediate future. I hope their grades are good.

What else? Got a bill for $120 from the opthamologist, insurance covered nothing. Lovely surprise. Feel kind of sick about the insurance money dwindling. I did take care of a lot of things I’d been putting off. The Dude Abides.

Unbelievable number of weeds and flowers in the front after the October and December rains. Every square inch has weeds in it. I haven’t touched the front after getting the retaining wall installed last year. Coupled with the charming interaction with the community association.

I’d like to have a lawn and a garden and a patio in the backyard. Sounds good, except the space is not there. A lawn looks suburban. I think I’d rather have tomatoes and lettuce.

Quarter after eleven already. Wow. Day flying by. Not. Might as well sift through my clutter.

Ah, and I’m banned from 4chan until the 27th. Annoying. Really annoying. Two week suspension. Fuck that. That doesn’t exactly make me happy.

Maybe some ironing? That sounds exciting, new and fun.

It’s been hot the past several days. Too hot. Air-conditioner hot. I’d like cooler weather at this time of year. Bugs me. And where’s the rain?



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