Re-investigate 9/11

A comment on a article questioning whether or not the post-9/11 US was “safer” ten years on:

Total horseshit.

9/11 was a FALSE FLAG OPERATION meant to demonize 1/5th of the world’s population while providing a pretext to shred the Constitution and gayly invade countries we felt needed invading, or at least countries which Israel wanted us to invade for them in the case of Iraq. Afghanistan is about resources. And, of course, war is good business.

The 9/11 cover-up commission was a travesty, having a dinky budget and NO SUBPOENA POWER. It was a joke. More money was spent investigating Clinton’s Mossad girlfriend than was spent investigating 9/11.

The comical FBI set-ups since that time have been exactly that, comical — the “underwear bomber” was rolled out with orders already placed for expensive backscatter radiation machines for airports. I could go on and on. All the lies and evil deeds hinge on 9/11.

“America still not safe” — do you mean the USA? “USA still not safe” — no, not when our own government produced 9/11 in order to frighten the Murcun Sheeple and herd them in the direction desired by our supposed power elite.

Still taking your shoes off and getting your nuts massaged to board an aircraft? What WON’T you put up with? Refuse to accept the total horseshit explanation of 9/11 and our occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan. Ask why Pelosi funded every Bush43 request and why Obama hasn’t done jack shit to get us OUT of Iraq and Afghanistan, and more importantly to restore the rule of law — the USA involved in TORTURE?! That’s obscene! No excuse is good enough to let the perps slime away into history without prosecution. Our country has been gutted and we’ve sat there smiling like some heavily sedated patient, waving our little made-in-China US plastic flags.

Snap out of it, people. “Still not safe”. Jesus. No, not with the duplicitous government we have in place. Clean the wound. Re-examine 9/11. Excavate the rabbit hole.


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