Aside from taking the kids to and from school, about the only time I leave the house is to go to the market. Generally I’ll go from left to right depending on the market. At the closest Albertson’s I’ll look at their produce and go buy milk and dairy products. Shampoo or other bathroom items are next to that, also cleaners and detergents and paper towels and napkins. If soda pop is on sale, the soda pop aisle is right there. Eggs on the endcap near the butter. Generally I’ll check the butcher cases so see what if anything is marked down. Baking supply aisle? Bread? Finally to the deli case, see if bacon or sausage is marked down. Then go to the staffed deli counter and get some good turkey or ham and some Swiss cheese. Albertson’s stopped carrying the sharp Land-o-Lakes cheese I liked, only Stater Brothers has that, now.

Stater Brothers is farther away. It’s a cheaper, lower-class market. They have better prices. Start on the left, if they have soda pop on sale, it will be right by the entrance. Ignore the alcohol section, find their cheese section. They don’t have Sargento shredded cheese in larger packages like the other markets do. They do have that sharp Land-o-Lakes cheese I mentioned. See if Stater Brothers has bacon or sausage on sale. I check the ad circulars that arrive from Stater Brothers and the other markets (except Vons). See if anyone has good prices on things we use regularly. I always scan the coupons we get in the mail.

I opened a new container of mayonnaise yesterday. I remember having bought five or six quarts of mayonnaise when it was on sale. I waited for a woman who was checking expiration dates on the jars.

Something I tend to buy a lot are whole chickens when they’re on sale, like $0.69 a pound. I put them in the chest freezer. I have quite a collection of them.

Sometimes I’ll drive to the bread outlet store in Escondido and buy a lot of bread and stock the chest freezer with that.

This past Monday or Tuesday I tried a tiny market I’d seen before and which sent out an ad circular. I thought that North Park Produce had changed hands, then I google-mapped the address and realized it was next to the bowling alley in Poway. And a goodwill store, and some used bookstores. Very ratty shopping area.

Anyway, I visited there and looked around. Bought a whole chicken breast for $5. They were kind of eying me but hell they sent out the ad circular, so here come new customers… Spent about $17.

At Albertson’s the other day I spent $117. Bought things we used over the holidays, flour was on sale, sugar I understand will be more expensive later in the year, so I bought a 5 lb. bag of sugar. It’s not as if it’s going to go bad. I have a big plastic container full of flour next to my bed, it doubles as a nightstand… the top vibrates along with my phone when I use the phone alarm every morning.  I’d bought it and then discovered it was too tall to fit in the pantry or any of the kitchen storage areas. It holds 25 lbs of flour. Then I have more 5 lb. bags of flour I found on sale in  the freezer. And back up containers of baking powder, baking soda, salt, whatever else…

One of the things I did after cashing in the life insurance policy was to buy canned soup and canned refried beans. Refried beans are the ultimate earthquake food to me. I like refried beans. I was surprised when I went to look for a can last fall and I was OUT of them. Same thing another time with soup. I’m out of the good soup? Really? Shit!

Generally at the market if something we use regularly is on sale, I’ll buy it in multiples. I buy bathroom tissue by the multiple case from Amazon. Paper towels by the dozen at the market. They stopped making Job Squad towels. Found some other one’s that aren’t bad.

Enough rambling. Time to play Altitude. Wild Card Playoff games on later, 1:30 and 5, I think. Got up early to get Flynn up and to his Robotics Club event at 7 this morning. Made coffee and then eggs, hash browns, bacon and toast. Don’t want him to starve.



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