Pardon Pollard? Are you insane?

Google “Congress letter Pollard” and study the names of the THIRTY Democratic Congressional representatives who appealed to President Obama to pardon Pollard — those folks ought to be arrested and deported as agents of a foreign government as far as I’m concerned. The only reason not to execute Pollard is that he may eventually divulge who his handler(s) were which would give the FBI an opportunity to unearth more of the Israeli spy ring Pollard was working with. Here’s a free clue: anyone claiming ‘dual citizenship’ with Israel is an Israeli agent. Israel is, after all, A FOREIGN COUNTRY. Israeli spying in the US is a disgrace, and apparently investigating it is considered “career suicide” in the FBI. IN NO WAY should Pollard be considered for a pardon, EVER. Do you even comprehend the magnitude of his betrayal?! He undermined THE WHOLE OF THE US NUCLEAR DETERRENT, literally billions of dollars and decades of research and intelligence!


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