Wrapping Gifts

It’s easier to wrap the kid’s gifts BEFORE THEY GET OUT OF SCHOOL FOR CHRISTMAS VACATION!!! So I did that just now. Everything I have on hand, anyway.

Flynn has a couple of Aerosmith t-shirts and two iTunes gift cards, I’m waiting on a new mouse for him. I have a Santa Fe 2011 calendar and a window thermometer. Cassidy has two PS3 games. I’ve been pulling off Christmas pretty much on my own and then definitely on my own for years and years and years and years now. Don’t look down.

Cassidy wanted a Microsoft “Kinect” which I wasn’t impressed with (and which was $250). I’m sure Flynn would like an iPhone or a PC, neither of which is exactly in the budget at this time. Flynn mentioned a game he’d like. I’ll have to look for that on Amazon. That means finding Cassidy another gift, since I don’t want her to feel slighted.

Need to get a tree and decorate it. Hang it from the 40 lb punching bag chain in a bucket of water. That way you KNOW it’s going to be straight and not fall over.

What else? Not much. Got some minor things accomplished today. Laundry and dishes as always. Cleaned the stove. Put some things away. Fixed a stuffed animal for Cassidy. She’d insisted that I take care of that first thing today.



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