Went to the market this morning. Usually my days are pretty much the same, so going to the market is something of a treat.

Shredded mozzarella cheese to make pizza with 2.99
Buttermilk for baking 1.99
18 eggs 2.99
4 frozen apple juice units 5.00
frozen hash browns x2 3.00 each
King Arthur flour 3.99 each x2 $8
C&H sugar 4 lbs 2.99
Salt 0.69
toothpicks 2.99 (for toothpicks?!)
Whole chicken @ $0.69/lb 3.35
cauliflower 2.07
lettuce .79
carrots .91
2.42 lbs of gala apples 4.09
more apples 2.35 lbs 3.97
potatoes 2.38
red potatoes 0.93
lemons 1.77
bell pepper 1.29
lettuce red lear 1.59
brocoli 1.07
navel oranges 6.60 lb @ .49 lb 3.23

Subtotal 61.06

More than I expected. I need to eat more vegetables and salad and less of everything else. I love to bake but cannot eat any more baked goods. Need to cut out wine entirely. Even the cheap wine. Just stop.

Fear rolled back into my head this morning, unsure why. The past month or so I’ve had enough money to buy things for a change. Cashed in an insurance policy. Still have a $$$$$ credit card debt. But the kids have shoes and socks, I have firewood on hand, I fixed the aquarium, et cetera. Now I’m heading back to having about enough money to get by on. The big fear is that the rental income will come to an end, leaving me without any income. Not a good scenario. I need a few more years to get Cassidy through school. I want things to remain the same as far as the kids are concerned for a while longer.


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