December 1st 2010

Making a boneless leg of lamb in the slow cooker. Starting to smell good. Found the leg of lamb for sale yesterday for $10. Visited another market and found a fresh (non-frozen) turkey for sale for $5, so I bought that and roasted it yesterday. Remarkable value.

Bought a lot of butter before Thanksgiving, it was on sale for $2.50 a pound. Bought some soda pop for the kids, it was on sale, four twelve-packs for $10.

Money will return to being tight but I have accomplished quite a few things that I wanted to get done, like fixing the aquarium and buying firewood and finding shoes and socks for the kids. Cassidy has a lot of shoes. Today two electric blankets arrived for the kid’s beds. I realized that I love my electric blanket, and that it’s really nice to be able to get into a WARM bed in the winter months.

A new pair of Levi’s arrived for Flynn the other day. Ordered some Aerosmith t-shirts for him for Christmas. Yesterday I rearranged the extension cord that runs to the illuminated wreath on the front of the house, got that fixed. Last night I went out to check and make sure it was working and I noticed our neighbor across the street had decorated their house with all kinds of lights. I felt somewhat inferior. But I’m happy to not climb that 16′ ladder and staple up lights like I used to do. Most dangerous thing I’d do all year long.

The tree service called me last night and said they’d cut the palm tree down on the 7th, so that’s good. It’s been a month since they came out and gave me an estimate. I’d like to have the palm tree removed already. Called them back every two weeks to make sure I was still on their radar.

Had a guy come out to check for dead animals under the house, he reported none but we had a plumbing problem, so I had a plumber come out and fix it. Big improvement, no more smell. And the toilet in the small bathroom doesn’t fill itself every minute. He couldn’t fix the kitchen faucet, reporting a problem with a cap nut on it. And he couldn’t replace the small bathroom shower controls without cutting the wall from the other side. That will have to wait.

Cassidy has an appointment with an opthamologist about her eyes on the 10th. Then we’ll go back to Dr. Lee and get her eyes re-examined after that.

Had a local (just up the street) electrician come over and replace the timer in the garage. I liked the timer but it didn’t last. Now I have a regular switch that works.

It’s been dark enough early enough and COLD enough to have fires in the fireplace lately, which is nice. Nothing says “home” like a fire in the fireplace. The days will get shorter and shorter until the 21st, then we begin the long march back to the longest day of the year next June.

Still need to send in Cassidy’s registration for 6th Grade Camp and $330 for that. Ouch. Unsure how much money I have at the moment and I’m afraid to look. I keep intending to add up all the receipts I’ve saved.

The firewood was $260, eucalyptus instead of oak. Oak was $360 a half-cord. Ouch. I don’t remember it as being so expensive.

That’s about all the news. Happy about the electric blankets arriving. I hope that the kids like them.




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