“A well-stocked pantry makes cooking a breeze”

From delish.com —



  • Oils: extra-virgin olive (salads, sauteing); peanut (frying, wok-cooking); sesame, walnut, truffle (embellishment)
  • Vinegars: sherry, balsamic, apple cider, red wine, rice
  • Salt: coarse and fine sea salt
  • Pepper: black, and a blend (always from a grinder), ground white pepper (for Asian dishes)
  • Sauces/Condiments: dark soy sauce, white soy sauce, Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, fish sauce, worchestershire sauce, ketchup, mayo, mustard (hot-sweet, horseradish, dijon), anchovy fillets in olive oil, capers (salt- and brine-cured), olives
  • Canned veg: whole plum tomatoes, beans
  • Canned fish: Italian tuna in olive oil, skinless/boneless salmon
  • Chicken broth (2 boxes)
  • Pasta: various shapes, but mainly spaghetti and penne (our faves). I buy Barilla or DeCecco for everyday pastas and I stock up when they are on sale.  I prefer dried pasta to fresh pasta, but I do make fresh pasta once or twice a year and freeze any leftover dough.
  • Other noodles: soba, rice vermicelli
  • Grains: rice (short grain, jasmine, basmati—we eat mostly brown rice now), whole wheat cous cous, bulgur wheat, farro
  • For baking: Unbleached all-purpose, cake, and whole wheat flours; baking powder, baking soda, dry milk (for bread)
  • Sugars: regular and brown
  • Coffee (regular and espresso), teas


  • Dairy: milk, yogurt, cheese
  • Non-dairy: soy and rice milks
  • Juice
  • Eggs
  • Miso
  • Jams (I am a jam freak)
  • Peanut butter
  • Unsalted butter (also frozen)
  • Assorted lettuce (I eat salad every day)
  • celery
  • carrots
  • onions (yellow and green)
  • ginger
  • Herbs stored in a glass of water with plastic bag over
  • yeast


  • Frozen veg: peas, corn, edamame
  • Van’s waffles
  • Morningstar Farms “sausage” links
  • Assorted meats/poultry (for example, we stock up on whole chickens and rib-eyes when they are on sale)
  • stock in plastic tubs
  • pie crust

On the counter

  • garlic, bananas, avocados, tomatoes, other fruit in season

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