Why are US politicians so beholden to Israel?

LA Times: “Israel appears defiant, sensing Obama weakness

For the love of God, cut off the flow of money, arms and UN vetoes. Israel is not the 51st State nor is it any kind of “sister nation” — it’s a monstrous rogue nation armed to the teeth with nuclear weapons and missiles and submarines to deliver them, Israel has yet to declare its borders, refuses IAEA inspections, is not an NNPT signatory and routinely ignores UN sanctions.

How is it that the USA came to be a golem to this little country of very dubious lineage? How is it that virtually every US politician must bow and scrape before Israel? History will mock the US for our slobbering fealty — it’s disgraceful.

CUT OFF THE MONEY. Withdraw from any kabuki-theater “peace negotiations”. Israel is not our concern and not our problem. What is our problem is the number of US politicians who fall all over themselves supporting Israel, which, the last time I check IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY. Starting with VP Biden, who appears to routinely forget which country his loyalty is pledged to.

I want Israel’s claws out of the throat of my nation.


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