I’ve made some progress lately. Getting the aquarium hood lights fixed was a big step. I had some money for a change, so I bought two cases of that vegetable soup I like. Two cases of Two-Buck Chuck. Two cases of Top Ramen. Tonight, some cat litter and some new neon and black neon tetras. And some canned tomatoes. I bought some more salt for the water filter and a two-pack of charcoal, which I’ve been out of for months (no grilling anything). Need to fix the barbecue lid handle. Bought some nuts and bolts to do that a while back.

What else? Ordered a couple of personal items this past week. Hope they fit one another and work as I hope. Replacing some broken personal item from months ago.

Made appointments to get the kids’ eyes checked the day before Thanksgiving. Hope that isn’t too expensive. I need to get my own eyes checked one of these days. I want to get the kids new shoes and socks soon, too. And pay for Cassidy’s sixth-grade camping trip.

And maybe buy some firewood. It hasn’t been cold enough yet to have a fire in the fireplace. But it will be eventually. I have a little bit of wood on hand. I’d like to have a full wood rack. And the older, cheaper woodrack full, too. Having firewood on hand is deeply satisfying, like almost nothing else I can think of.

Drove to the farmer’s market this morning and bought some more Taza Divina coffee from the coffee lady. Then came home and took Flynn to a Robotics Club meeting. Grandma and Grandpa came by to pick Cassidy up and go to see Diane for the first time in months.  Cassidy brought home a child support check, which was nice to see. Money is temporarily not so tight. Temporarily.

Paid the two community association dues until October. Paid the truck insurance until May. Glad to have those satisfied for a while. Made a $7500 payment on the credit card. Still have a very large balance.

The lease income was $500 more than I’d expected, which was a tremendous relief. Huge, huge difference.

Rearranged my bed and the television stand. This ought to be a better arrangement. Kind of happy about that. Washed my sheets and blankets today. I wash the kids’ bedding every Friday. My own bedding, not as often.

Went to Home Depot, the supermarket and Petco this afternoon from 3:30 to about six. Long shopping trip.

Bought some screws to secure the new aquarium hood lights in two places instead of one. Bought some wood shims to support the hood on the top of the aquarium yet allow me to lift the glass shield (it’s blocked now). A lot of the neons I’d bought at Fountain’s died over the past week. Bought a dozen neons at Petco (they were on sale) and half a dozen black neons. Replaced one of the two incandescent lights in the small aquarium hood. Much brighter.

So all that was satisfying. Small steps. Getting things done.



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