Monday again. Feel like myself.

Actually felt better from last Thursday — the black cloud lifted or the tide rose or something. Things didn’t seem quite as unbelievably bleak as they did last week when I was sick. Feel better about everything.

Another fast weekend. Now it’s another Monday. Ate some scrambled eggs with refried beans and salsa. Yum.

Cleaned the fireplace and built a fire out of the clutter I’d accumulated over the summer. Vacuumed the hearth, looks much better now.

Spent yesterday cooking and watching football. Made chocolate chip muffins and coffee for breakfast, pizza bianca for a late lunch and baked potatoes for dinner. Made chocolate chip oatmeal cookies in between, too.

Yesterday was that bizarre day after the time is switched back from daylight savings time. Seems like an unusually long day.

This afternoon it will seem like it’s dark awfully early. I wanted to have the lights in the aquarium functioning again. Freaks me out when it gets dark early. And it will get darker earlier and earlier until the Winter Solstice.

Then we begin the trip back to the middle of summer. Slowly, slowly. But at least the longer nights will stop.

Need to wash this plate.



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