Got something done

After I took Cassidy to her friend’s house, I drove to La Mesa and Fountain’s Aquarium. Hadn’t been there in a long time. Looked around, figured out what I needed and assembled the parts. Two fixtures, two light tubes, a glass shield and then I bought some filters and some fish. Yay for me.

Got home, got the fish in their new homes, removed the old hardware from the canopy/hood on the big aquarium, figured out how to wire the new lights (two wire nuts) and now I have two functioning aquarium lights again, plus a nice snug glass cover over the aquarium!!!

QUITE pleased about getting this done. I could use a copy more screws to secure the fixtures. Maybe I’ll get those later on.

Bought a dozen tiny neon tetras and half a dozen glo-lite tetras. I enjoyed gawking at all the other kinds of fish there were at Fountain’s.

Waiting for Cassidy to call. Maybe I’ll go to the market while I’m waiting for her to call. Or maybe Home Depot first (ON A SATURDAY?!) to get those two extra screws.

FIXED THE AQUARIUM LIGHTS. Good for me. Very pleased about that.

The little baby neons are so cute. They look up at me and I imagine they’re saying “Would you look at the nose on that thing”…


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