Wake up

I watched “Sir! No, Sir!” last night, a documentary on the MILITARY protests against the Vietnam War, a neatly-suppressed piece of history, overwritten in our collective conscious by nefarious representations of “protesters spitting on returning GIs” — from movies like “Rambo” or a “Steve Canyon” comic strip — BULLSHIT! Never happened! It also detailed the incredible oppression that guys DRAFTED into the military faced when protesting what they realized to be totally WRONG, an evil war of aggression. This morning I read about the colossal US Embassy under construction in what’s left of Kabul, Afghanistan, where the US is conducting one of TWO wars which are awfully similar to Vietnam, only under the guise of fighting “terrorism,” whatever the fuck that’s supposed to be.

So… we can look forward to the final US Embassy forces evacuating clinging to Cobra landing skids a la (the city formerly known as) Saigon circa April 1975? I guess they’d be Apache skids these days, huh? My age is showing.

How about spending $500 million a freaking huge MOSQUE as a partial apology and then getting the fuck out of Afghanistan already?!

Iraq and Afghanistan are EXACTLY LIKE VIETNAM except in these instances we have the 9/11 fairy tale as a kind of insane rationalization for our continuing brutality and imperialism.

And if you QUESTION the (highly dubious) 9/11 story, you MUST be INSANE or something, yes? And God forbid you ask about those five Mossad agents arrested on 9/11/01 after being witnessed videotaping and celebrating the WTC collapse.

It’s Vietnam, but this time the Murcun Sheeple are deeply hypnotized, it’s not just a bullshit “North Vietnamese torpedo boat” attack in the Gulf of Tonkin as an excuse for thrusting our mighty dick in some other country, but it’s scary Islamic flying carpet magic which somehow brought down two skyscrapers due to… fire? Impact?

What do you think a jetliner is made out of, iron? They’re LIGHT to be able to FLY. And the fires were reported by NYFD to be mostly OUT. Steel-structured buildings do not succumb to fire. Examine the Madrid and the Chinese skyscraper fires — neither building collapsed. The official story is BULLSHIT.

Look at the evil that hinges on that date. Ask yourself why the 9/11 Commission did not have subpoena power.

It’s time to WAKE UP. WAKE UP. Take a deep breath and shake off the nightmarish zombie-like trance we’ve been in for years and years.


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