Still Monday. Still November.

Waiting for someone to come over and give me a quote on removing the out-of-control palm tree on the side of the house. Get that taken care of. Clean it all up.

What did I used to enjoy? I can’t quite remember. A long time ago, riding my bicycle, body surfing, gardening… now I have responsibilities, two kids and a mortgage. No help, no way out. Money is ultra tight. There’s not so much that I enjoy. I worry a lot.

Going to send Cassidy to “sixth grade camp” in March. Need to assemble warm and dry clothes and boots for her for that. Need to pay the truck registration. In February, I think. Need to produce Christmas.

I’d like to lay in a supply of firewood — something that I *do* enjoy is having firewood for when the nights get long and cold, at least cold for San Diego. Nothing says “home” like a fire in the fireplace.

Did the dishes, did the laundry. Checked for non-existent jobs on craigslist and I’ve had ONE interview for a shitty part-time production job SINCE MAY. Very depressing.

Waiting, hoping for some good news. Nothing really on the horizon. It could always get worse. And maybe it will. What then? Deal with it as it comes. As best I can. Another depressing thought.

Well, having the palm tree removed will cost $150, which is a lot cheaper than the ~$400 or so the pine tree in front cost to have removed. So that’s some good news.

What else? I’d like to get the aquarium hood fixed, buy new fixtures and lights for it, and especially replace the shield that was supposed to keep it dry. And keep the lights and hinges from rusting. Which they did. Before they fell apart entirely.

So when I get around to it I’ll contact Fountain’s in La Mesa and arrange a time to drive over there to pick up the parts I’ll need. What after that? Buy some firewood. Maybe a combination of orange and oak. Oak burns hotter and longer. Orange burns brighter. Or eucalyptus. Have plenty of firewood on hand. A feeling of security. And preparedness.

Need to consider re-planting the lawn. It was a nice spot to sit in the hammock. Don’t cheap out when planting new tomatoes. Make sure to add composted manure and organic materials. Figure out some way to thwart the squirrels.

Actually tempted to plant the entire yard as a garden with lettuce and potatoes. Money really does look that bad. Plant some iceplant or something out in front. Need to get after the weeds which popped up after the rains out there. Especially that chokeweed. Tempted to buy a plumber’s torch and incinerate the weeds.

Gardening is satisfying. Did not have a great deal of success with gardening projects this year aside from those yellow grape tomatoes, which were awesome. No globe tomatoes at all.

I bought some hardware and a metal strip to rebuild the handle on the barbecue. Get around to that one of these days.

Trim the hibiscus in front. It’s kind of bushy.

What did I used to enjoy? Adventures. Maintaining the old Volkswagen(s). Going to see Dead shows. Nowadays music isn’t being produced that I like the way  I once did. I’m more into jazz.

What did I used to enjoy? Working on the house, learning how to cook. By this time both kids are established fussy eaters. I’ve given up trying new foods on them. I’d like to go out for a cheap Indian meal once a week. I like spicy hot food.

What have I done on the house?

Cassidy’s mirrored closet doors
Televisions and computers and iPod boomboxes for the kids
I had the front lights on a timer, but that’s crapped out. Grr.
Block retaining wall in front.
Drain on north side of house. That was a big improvement.
Double-glazed windows plus ceramic/metal film
Replaced the furnace and the air conditioner
Added two skylights, one in the laundry room and one in the small bathroom. Much brighter than way.
Added the fountain and got it wired
Added the water filter and RO filter. Very important.
Whole-house fan and bathroom fan and vents in garage roof. Very good projects.
Solar panels! That was a huge deal.
Painted. I was so sick of white walls. How depressing those were.
Bought the chest freezer.
Bought a nice firewood rack. Need to keep it filled with firewood.

What else? That’s a decent list off the top of my head. With a cold.

Put down the bricks in the back of the house. I like those. Dug up the yard and planted a lawn and then replaced that with a garden.

2:30… go get Cassidy (drive there and wait) in about fifteen minutes.



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