Baked cookies last night. Did ironing today while I watched football. I have all of Cassidy’s clothes ironed again. I counted eleven tops and seven pairs of pants. Maybe I have that backwards. Anyway, she has lots of ironed clothes to choose from.

Need to think of something to serve for dinner. Maybe fish and rice. That sounds low-impact.

Another week begins tomorrow, another Monday. Waiting for money to be deposited from (I have two more books to mail) and for a check to arrive from my former life insurance policy. Pay down the credit card.

Consider selling the truck and buying a smaller vehicle. Pay off the remainder of the credit card bill. I liked the truck because it was a big, hulking vehicle. Felt safe. Maybe I’ll keep it. I don’t know. If I have to commute, it may be realistic. Too much money spent on gasoline.

Didn’t do a whole lot this weekend. Not much of a surprise. I did go to the market last night and bought some bread and sandwich meat. Flynn had a field trip today and took a lunch.

Waiting for the Sunday night football game to begin. Hope it’s a good one. I guess I should get Cassidy to wash her hair and take a shower. Always a challenge.



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