Thunder and lightning last night. Woke me up. Stayed up until about 3:30. Which means I got about an hour of sleep. Plus some sleep when I slept through the boring MNF game… Titans-Jags, 30-3. Zzzz.

Got up, got cleaned up and dressed. Made coffee. Made Flynn a sandwich. And coffee. And a breakfast burrito. And gave him a ride towards school. Came back and woke Cassidy up, fed her breakfast… got her to school… went to the Post Office to mail two books and a DVD that I wrapped this morning.

Then I got a full tank of gas. I was really low. Then I went to Staples and bought notebook paper and index cards. Then I went to Trader Joe’s and bought milk, cream, Swiss cheese for sandwiches, bread, some char sui bai (steamed pork buns)… olive oil… things like that. Went to Home Depot, bough two bags of potassium chloride for the water filter, some hardware to fix the barbecue lid and four concrete blocks to raise Flynn’s desk since he has  a desk chair meant to fit under the kitchen counter, not his desk… couldn’t afford a new chair. The blocks were $0.77 apiece. So…

Looked at college tuition and housing costs and I was fucking SHOCKED. There’s a college fair tonight at a local school and I’m just dumbstruck at how much college costs. I can barely make ends meet as it is.

Money is bad and promises or threatens to get even worse. I’m out of ideas. I can’t get an interview. I signed up for eLance, an online freelance site, at two in the morning once the thunder and lightning woke me.

Cloudy, rain from time to time. Nice. Wish I had money to buy firewood. Having firewood on hand is really a good feeling.

That’s about all for now.



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